Use Acting to Learn Punctuation

Sunday, December 13th, 2015

Written communication is a convenient substitute for spoken communication. For thousands and thousands of years, communication was spoken, one to one to one until everyone knew. Records were written down, but not stories. News was delivered by criers who walked through the streets yelling...

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Karen Kohn Bradley

Karen Kohn Bradley is Associate Professor of Dance and Director of Graduate Studies in Dance at the University of Maryland.  She is a Certified Movement Analyst in Laban Movement Analysis and is on the Board of the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in New York City. As a movement analyst, she has worked in dance therapy, with learning disabled children, in arts education research and policy, and observes and coaches politicians and business leaders.  She authored the boo...

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Courtney Weber

Baltimore native, Courtney Weber has worked as an actor and teacher in Los Angeles and Baltimore. Courtney studied acting at Emerson College in Boston and English at UCLA. She has continued her training with Shakespeare and Company and is pursuing her Master's degree at the Bread Loaf School of English. Through long term and day-to-day substitute assignments, Courtney has taught nearly every subject in grades K-12. She has choreographed a kindergarten dance performance and taught Shakespea...

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Fran G. Zarubick

Fran G. Zarubick believes that education, the arts and non-profits play a vital role in society. Because of a strong commitment to education she began her career as a middle school student working with special needs youngsters and since then has taught students of all ages and abilities from age ten through graduate school. Ms. Zarubick has served as an educational leader, board member and volunteer for countless non-profit organizations throughout the United States. During her 19.5 years...

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