Use Acting to Learn Punctuation

Sunday, December 13th, 2015

Written communication is a convenient substitute for spoken communication. For thousands and thousands of years, communication was spoken, one to one to one until everyone knew. Records were written down, but not stories. News was delivered by criers who walked through the streets yelling...

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2nd Grade

Let’s Make Our Own Rules!

Studies show that when students participate in the creation of a set of rules and consequences, they are more likely to follow those rules. In this residency, students will explore bad behavior through improvisation and scripted scenes. They will discuss the consequences of behavior in order to increase empathy. Then, they will strategize on rules and consequences that will curb the behavior in their classrooms. Students will work with a teaching artist to create rules for the classroom toget...

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Pop-Up Storybook

In a pop-up storybook, character and events become 3-dimensional as they pop out of the book. In this residency, students will pop-up the story through improvisation and theater. Students will learn skills of character development, vocal production and tableau. Using a story read in class, students will work with teaching artist to re-tell story in theatrical form. Students will develop characters from the story and understand the concepts of beginning, middle and end. Pre-residency curric...

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Choral or Reader’s Theatre

As second graders begin to read on their own, it is a great time for them to begin reading out loud with clear voices and demonstrated understanding of the story. Reading out loud to an audience will give students a boost in confidence about both their reading abilities and their public presentation...

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Who Am I?

Students will choose an important character from American history. Using specific techniques and games from theater, students will learn how to act the role of their character. Students will develop vocal technique and practice strong pronunciation and enunciation. Each character comes with one prop or costume piece and a research sheet to help the students understand several aspects of his or her life. They will use empathy to imagine what it may have felt like to be that person...

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Custom Program

Creativity & Associates will work with teachers or administrators to design a custom residency or workshop for your school. We are able to integrate theatre into just about any unit and would be happy to show you how. In fact, if anyone presents us with a unit that we are unable to integrate theater into, we will present a free 45-minute workshop to your students or staff (travel expenses not included). Every custom program will align with state curriculum standards for both theatre...

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