Use Acting to Learn Punctuation

Sunday, December 13th, 2015

Written communication is a convenient substitute for spoken communication. For thousands and thousands of years, communication was spoken, one to one to one until everyone knew. Records were written down, but not stories. News was delivered by criers who walked through the streets yelling...

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You are a Greek God!

Students use research, writing, critical interpretation and theater to explore the gods of Greek Mythology. The residency concludes with a Dionysian Festival of plays written and performed by students.

Each student will be assigned the role of a god from Greek Mythology in order to explore the stories of one god more deeply. After several writing exercises, students will produce a few short plays based on mythology. Students will play the characters, design the sets, and bring costume pieces from home. Performance is appropriate for fellow students or as an evening event for family and friends. (Extra fee for evening event)

5-day residency (culminating activity: rehearsed play for public performance)

$500 per classroom (plus supplies)
$1500 for up to 5 classrooms (plus supplies)

Curriculum Standards

Social Studies

Standard 2.0: People of the Nations and World

  • Topic A. Elements of Culture
    • Indicator 1. Describe characteristics that historians use to organize people into cultures
      • Objectives
        • Describe how location and environment influenced early world cultures
        • Describe and compare elements of culture such as art, music, religion, government, social structure, education, values, beliefs and customs, from civilizations in early world history

Standard 5.0: History

  • Indicator 2. Analyze the emergence and enduring influence of Aegean civilizations
    • Objectives:
      • Describe the major cultural achievements of the Greek civilization, such as art, science, political systems, and philosophy across time
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