Use Acting to Learn Punctuation

Sunday, December 13th, 2015

Written communication is a convenient substitute for spoken communication. For thousands and thousands of years, communication was spoken, one to one to one until everyone knew. Records were written down, but not stories. News was delivered by criers who walked through the streets yelling...

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The Teacher as Actor

Teachers and actors have a something in common. We stand before a group of people and we perform. There are a lot of differences after that. This workshop is designed to help teachers learn the tricks that actors use in performance to keep themselves and their audiences engaged. We will spend some time looking at the lesson plan as a kind of script that can be both planned and analyzed in order to deliver the best performance possible. Instructor: Joan Weber Up to ½ day workshop - $300...

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Who am I? Where am I? What am I Doing?

Integrating Theater into Any Curriculum Actors use empathy as a method to create character. They imagine what it would be like to actually become the characters that they play. This is possible by a thorough examination of the questions: Who am I? Where am I? What am I Doing? and Why am I Doing It? These principles can be applied in the classroom as a way to turn the content you’re teaching into a creative activity. The closest connections are to English language arts and Social...

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Theatre Habits of Mind

There is a set of behaviors that most actors share when rehearsing or performing a show. They include warming up the voice before performances as well as listening with respect. These habits, when applied to the classroom, allows teachers to create an environment of creativity and respect for themselves and their students with fewer class disruptions. Topics to discuss include: yes and…, trained listening skills, proper vocal production for different circumstances, ensemble-building, peform...

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Custom Program

Creativity & Associates will work with teachers and administrators to create a custom professional development workshop for staff. We will work with you to help identify staff challenges and craft a workshop that can help. Topics may include communication with students, presentation skills, integrating all the arts into the classroom and the school, classroom management, etc. Planning time will vary, depending on the topic. Please contact us for details.

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